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In Our American Culture, a discussion of abortion is likely to become heated, accusatory, self righteous and potentially very mean, harming friendships or relationships and causing discomfort and grief.

With that said, I can say, in today’s America, every decision made is both wrong and right depending on whom is doing the commenting.

American Babies Being Born Into Poverty

I have been told by pro-abortionist – friends (not activists) – that abortion is a better than a generation of children being born to poor, impoverished families. Those aborted children will be mercifully spared being parented by ill-equipped parents, many still growing up themselves. More often than not they will be spared the crushing reality of growing up impoverished, without upward mobility and often doomed to repeating the cycle.

I been told by an administrator of a “Women’s Health Clinic” that unwanted pregnancy is a fact of life for professional women who experience an accidental pregnancy and do not want to disrupt the life they have built. Often they were also unmarried so the disruption of carrying a baby to term would, without a doubt, be very disruptive in their lives.

Of course, there are those believing it’s a woman’s right to choose. And, if you believe in how America works, who can argue given it is the law of the land.

Do you require psychological counseling after you have had an abortion?

The Other Side of the Abortion Coin

I’ve also know a counselor who worked with women after abortions. They required counseling because of a whole host of side effects including –

Their clinic worked with people suffering from the effects of having an abortion. They can be long lasting, life changing and affect every aspect of your life moving forward.

Personal Experiences Regarding Abortion

A couple of thoughts – I had a good friend who was young at the time, but nor too young – 24 years old. She became pregnant. Circumstances with the Father ruled out a family life together and she was not prepared financially to raise a child. She had an abortion when she was younger, and would not repeat that experience. She took the baby to term and offered a healthy little boy up for adoption. I was privileged enough to help her sort through prospective parents/families. A happy ending. Even though the ending is not without regrets and a smoldering, chronic pain, wondering ‘what if?’.

Another situation, having dinner on the road with a small, close group of business Associates. One of the group was a pro-choice activist and I innocently said when younger I was ambivalent on the issue. However, now, with a little one at home and knowing the little blue eyes that look to me for everything, trusting me completely and without hesitation, I would find it difficult to stop any process that would end up producing that child.

I now know how a bulls-eye feels. She ripped into me for being judgmental and asking who I thought I was judging people like her friend (whom I learned was pregnant). And, who did I think I was taking away a women’s right to choose. I was officially gobsmacked. I informed her I was not judging. I was sharing my perspective having very young child at home.

To confess I was a little miffed at her self-righteousness and mentioned to her – the pregnant woman she was referring to was about thirty years old – law or no law her friend had a “choice”. And, maybe, she should have made the choice a few months earlier! Needless to say, we did not stay for desert that evening.

Abortion – You Can’t Put Tooth Paste Back In The Tube

Once you are pregnant – your life is altered forever. Whether raising a child or dealing with the after effects of an abortion – you have added a new, high impact chapter to your life.

Holistically speaking, avoiding to have to make the choice of an abortion (or not) is the healthiest choice of all. I think for Our American Culture, helping young women to make better choices and avoid the potential pain and challenge of the “simple procedure” of removing “unwanted tissue”.

One complaint I have of our present day American Culture is we have made it too easy for people to “play” at being grown up. And, when faced with the consequence of those actions, providing an easy solutions that can have a negative impact for a long time. Or not, I suppose.

What do you think?

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