The American Culture website exists to celebrate the positive, winning qualities in our American Culture.

Our goal is very simple; to identify intellectually questionable assertions about the fundamental beliefs, institutions and organizations responsible for shaping our American culture and correct distorted information and omitted facts. Our intent is to provide perspective and discredit those ideas and assertions made in public discourse intended to confuse situations and/or revise documented history.

Too often in popular culture, the qualities within our culture, those qualities responsible for building what is arguably the greatest country in recorded history, are distorted and in some cases vilified. Those distortions are usually for political gain and are a disservice to a free people and are inherently subversive to our country and our culture.

When possible, we will try to identify the motivation for and veracity of comments made by partisan groups or spokespeople. Our contention is reasonable people, when provided with accurate information, can more fully understand current events. American Culture’s guiding principle is to reinforce and rebuild the love of country responsible for creating the thriving, free and diverse country from which we all have benefited.

Further, we expect we will routinely identify issues in the news because so often political voices seek to obfuscate facts to create popular narratives to fuel their political agendas. American Culture’s belief is these acts by political operatives harm our culture and our Country by confusing issues and ultimately confusing our electorate.

Our fervent hope is American Culture can provide a simple, understandable narrative to current and past issues to help clarify facts and ultimately provide the basis for more fully understanding the immense value of America in the world today and incredible gift our founders gave to all of us.

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We are dedicated to celebrating the positive winning qualities of our American culture. We are fans of America, its achievements and the hope it gives people throughout the world. To learn more about why this website was started, click here.

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