American Lives Matter – Perspective For Black History Month (Video)

Black Lives Matter | Black History Month|

The Civil War had more American deaths than all other wars combined until recently -Click To Enlarge

As Black History Month winds down, soon to be in our rearview mirror, there are a few things all Americans should know if only to put things into perspective.

First, we all agree black lives matter. This is why we at Our American Culture advocate for –

Applying oneself to get the best education possible – being employable is the best way to avoid limited choices, poverty and crushing dependency.

Avoiding starting a family before you have completed your education – this allows young people to become educated, employable and make mature decisions and increase chances of avoiding a cycle of poverty.

Taking responsibility for the opportunity you have in the future – America offers more opportunity to people of color than nearly any country on earth (if not all). If there are others, they are few.

Avoiding the trap of blaming others, slavery or other societal issues for what you are not accomplishing. It might have been true fifty years ago, but not so much anymore. Your time is now. Don’t confuse an occasional bigot with a society wide attitude. While it is convenient, it won’t help you achieve what you want. And, it will limit the one “engine” everyone, no matter what race, color or creed, needs to achieve…attitude. Don’t rob yourself of the fuel (attitude) for the engine of success.

The Black Family Is Worse Off Now Than In The 1960’s – Report Shows

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Black History We Do Not Hear About

America had slavery. There is no denying. Just about every country and kingdom in the world did. However, America self-corrected the situation. It was done primarily by white people to free black people. It is called the Civil War. In fact, until recently, more soldiers died in the Civil War and all other wars in our history combined – 620,000. Again that is more than World War II, World War I, Vietnam, Korea, The Revolutionary War, War of 1812, The Mexican War, Iraq-Afghanistan, Spanish American War and Gulf War combined. Source: Civil War Facts

Prior To The Civil War – African-Americans Owned Slaves and Property In Confederate States

Blacks in America played a role at the beginning of the slave trade in our country. Here are a few interesting facts most people do not know and add more perspective to the Black experience in America.

  1. America’s first black military officers served the Confederacy.
  2. The first legally recognized slave owner in American history was black.
  3. Free blacks commonly owned black slaves in the antebellum South.
  4. In 1860 the largest slave owner in South Carolina was William Ellison, a black plantation owner.
  5. Without black African slave owners there may have been no slavery in America.
  6. Blacks, including slaves, were allowed to own property in the antebellum South.
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Here are a few more thoughts about America and the opportunity it holds for all of its citizens

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