Black Life Not Buying Black Lives Matter

As the summer of love continues, clarity is beginning to show itself. Along with truth.

I Have Had Enough. Stop Erasing Our History.
Source: Turning Point USA

The Black Lives Matter “movement” is beginning to show it is a front for an anti American group needing cover to begin riots, looting and destruction. Whether they want achieve anarchy or it is a cynical attempt by the Democrat party to cause enough chaos to feed their campaign rhetoric, real people, innocent Americans are being harmed. The bottomline is innocent residents of these cities are being hurt physically, economically and emotionally for political gain. It seems the cities being trashed, and it is more than coincidence, are Democrat run cities and states willing to have law enforcement stand down – not allowing the Police to protect the citizenry.

However, the shock and smoke screen of racial injustice is clearing and educated African Americans are letting their thoughts be known. The overriding sentiment of informed and reasonable African Americans is ‘Black Lives Matter does not speak for me’. They love their country. They embrace their history. And, they understand that while the United States is not perfect, it was designed to correct mistakes.

They also understand a civil society needs law enforcement to maintain order – for everyone. If for no other reason than to keep BLM (Burning, Looting, Mayhem) under control.

Hope you enjoy the following video entitled – I Have Had Enough. Stop Erasing Our History.

Image & Video Source: Turning Point USA

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