Capitalism vs Socialism – United States of America the Largest Group of Wealthy People Ever in World History (Video)

Capitalism - Socialism - American Exceptionalism

Too often Americans take for granted the richness of opportunity they have. More opportunity for the average citizen than any other country

The United States of America is the largest group of wealthy people ever in the history of the world, according to Dave Ramsey, host of a nationally syndicated radio show and best selling author.

And he is not talking about the 1%. Here are a few thoughts from Ramsey – for more watch the video below –

  • $34,000 annual household income puts you in the top 1% of earners in the world
  • $12,000 annual household income puts you in the top 14% of earners in the world
  • The best way to solve wealth inequality is to become wealthy yourself
  • 88 of 100 millionaires in the United States are first generation – they made it themselves
  • Making money is easier than ever – because of technology
  • The United States has been successful with a combination of Freedom, Capitalism and a Judaeo-Christian ethic.
  • Serving others merits a reward
  • Serving others is the core of capitalism done correctly
  • The more service you provide others, the more rewards you will receive
  • What America needs is leadership to fully take advantage of the freedoms we have
  • Washington and politicians cannot make people personally prosperous, only their service to others will
  • Leadership can provide belief in a country, in opportunity and an ideal – service to others will lead to success

7 Reasons Socialism Will Make You Poorer Than Capitalism

The question for everyone who wants more financially is ‘what can I do to provide service others value?’ When you answer that question for yourself, a path for personal success has been identified.






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