Employer Asks Employees To Conceal Carry – Supplies Weapons (Video)

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Violent crime has steadily decreased in States adopting conceal carry laws – source www.gunfacts.info – click to enlarge

In the right work place, employees with weapons make all the sense in the world. This employer not only encouraged his employees to carry weapons while on the job, most of whom are women, but he is supplying the weapons and the ammo. (see videos below)

Talk about embracing Our American Culture. Kudo’s to Lance Toland and his employees for taking responsibility for their own protection should circumstances dictate. We know the local police will respond if needed, but response time may not allow for timely protection.

The Facts On Conceal Carry Carry – The Results Are Great

Fact: Forty three states, comprising the majority of the American population, are “right-to-carry” states – thirty six are “shall issue” states where anyone without a criminal record will be issued a permit, and seven states require no permit. In 1988 there were only 10 “right-to-carry”. Statistics show that in these states the crime rate fell (or did not rise) after the right-to-carry law became active (as of July, 2006). Seven states are “may issue” states where it is nearly impossible to obtain a CCW permit.

Fact: Gun homicides were 10% higher in states with restrictive CCW laws, according to a study spanning 1980-2009.

Fact: Crime rates involving gun owners with carry licenses have consistently been about 0.02% of all carry permit holders since Florida’s right-to-carry law started in 1988.

Fact: After passing their concealed carry law, Florida’s homicide rate fell from 36% above the national average to 4% below.

Fact: In Texas, murder rates fell 50% faster than the national average in the year after their concealed carry law passed. Rape rates fell 93% faster in the first year after enactment, and 500% faster in the second. 4 Assaults fell 250% faster in the second year.

Fact: More to the point, crime is significantly higher in states without right-to-carry laws.
Type of Crime % Higher in Restrictive States

  • Robbery 105%
  • Murder 86%
  • Assault 82%
  • Violent Crime 81%
  • Auto Theft 60%
  • Rape 25%

Fact: States that disallow concealed carry have violent crime rates 11% higher than national averages.

Fact: Deaths and injuries from mass public shootings fall dramatically after right-to-carry concealed handgun laws are enacted. Between 1977 and 1995, 8 the average death rate from mass shootings plummeted by up to 91% after such laws went into effect, and injuries dropped by over 80%.

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