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It seems hate speech is finding new ways to show itself. You can call it a debate, a movement or a social condition. The main ingredient is a formally aggrieved group, one that has had victim status, becoming more aggressive and hateful.

Politically correct speech is something the dominant culture is forced use. Politically incorrect speech is something minority groups can use liberally to the point of being hateful.

The video below shows a University of West Georgia student, Miguel Feliciano, participating in a recent debate with other students at Harvard University. In the video he contends –

  • White people should kill themselves because of their white privilege.
  • White life is wrong.
  • Our argument is that we should never affirm white life.
  • White life is based off black subjugation.
  • Affirmative suicide, that’s cool, it’s one little step in the right direction.
  • “The black debaters simply ‘chose’ to point out their opponents’ skin color and begin advocating genocide,” reported InvestmentWatchdogBlog.com.
  • “They expressly stated that these were their ‘sincere beliefs,’ not just an argument to win a debate.”

Hey, Miguel, perhaps you could use your enthusiasm a bit more constructively by focusing your attention on the Black community and help finding ways to –

  • Increase High School graduation rates of black students
  • Increase the College and Technical College graduation rates of Black Students
  • Decrease the teen pregnancy rates in the Black community
  • Decrease the number of single parent families in the Black community
  • Decrease the Black on Black violence rates in our major cities
  • Increase the number of two parent – preferably married – families
  • Remember over 400,000 White Union soldiers defeated the slave-holding Confederate States in the Civil War
  • Remember the White Civil Rights activists committed to equality through the years
  • Last of all, remember the wonderful country we all enjoy actually grew at a much greater rate after slavery and was fueled with millions of European immigrants in addition to former slaves. Germans, Polish, Irish, Italian and scores of other Nationalities contributed blood, sweat and tears. They would have scoffed at the notion of “white Privilege”.

Miguel, we are assuming you were trying to be provocative. Time to grow up and use your intellect to better America and to help others in the Black community needing direction, support and understand the role education plays in financial success.

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