Helping Those Helping Us

Our American Culture is special.

The glue helping to hold our civil society together
is a selfless, committed network of first responders. The people that rum
toward trouble, not away from it. Our American Culture is supported and
protected by all levels of law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs, military
service members and those organizations supporting those who support us, the
average American.

Too often we take these quiet superstars for
granted. For every protester kneeling for the National Anthem, there are
thousands of heroes making our lives and freedoms safer and more secure.   Below are some of our favorite charities
helping families in need because unique circumstance, difficult situations and
regrettably sometimes the ultimate sacrifice to provide safety and protect your

Our Glue – Do Not Forget Them

We ask that you show some of the professionals
helping to make America a special place you care. OR, better yet, show the
surviving families you know a sacrifice was made and you want to help. Most of
these wonderful charities have affordable monthly programs providing services
to some of the most committed families America has to offer.

And, don’t forget to help the kids
needing help too 🙂

PS—if you have any suggestions, contact us an we’ll add them to our list

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