Obama Encourages Criminals To Harm Police

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Peaceful protest is not what President Obama and the Holder DOJ advocated and now Police are being executed

Carroll County Sherriff Jim DeWees could not have said it better in his Facebook post –

“Mr. President, your silence about these events SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!! PS: I’ll be standing outside in the cold next week with my deputies for the funerals of the Harford Co deputies; I’ll save you a spot next to me!”

The events DeWees was referring to is President Obama’s silence on a wave of recent killings of police officers.

The Story in the Washington Examiner written by Paul Bedard, goes into greater detail. But an obvious reality is President Obama and his Administration more often than not has vilified American Law Enforcement. Often, Obama has played he race card, perpetuating the fiction Police across America are purposefully “hunting” African-Americans in order to shoot them. The Department of Justice has contributed to this effort by investigating Police Departments even after Grand Juries declined to indict officers who had to pull the trigger.

President Obama, we would like to say you are better than that, however, its become painfully clear you are not. Below is an articulate Sheriff with his perspective on a recent shooting of a Police Officer.


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