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Reagan – America needs informed Patriots in each generation

President Reagan, in his farewell address talked about American values and how it is incumbent upon each generation of Americans to share with the younger generation what is special about America.

Using our individual freedoms through the generations, Americans have built the strongest, most compassionate country in the known history of the world. For sure, we have not been perfect, however, on balance we, as a country, have been the force for more good on behalf of other nations than any other known to man.

Consider the wars of liberation we have have fought for the benefit of others, including World War 1, World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the first Gulf war and the Iraq war. In all of these wars America committed time, effort, money and American lives to help secure liberty for people living in countries spanning from Europe to the Middle East to Asia.

And, when you include the fact that America is often the first on the scene when a natural disaster hits, be it an earthquake, famine, disease outbreak or tsunami, it is not hard to make the case America is special. Unfortunately, good Americans allow themselves to be shouted down by those who make it their business to find fault in America, rather than appreciating the victories and diligently engaging in positive changes to improve our culture even more.

Below are a couple of videos of which every proud American should be aware. And, their children too. It is time to show our children what Patriotism is – proudly and unapologeticly!

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