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Road Trip – more Americans can go more places, more easily and safer than any population in the world – click to enlarge

The United States Interstate highway system is a unique American Cultural phenomenon.

Initiated as a civil defense tool by President Eisenhower after seeing the autobahns built in NAZI Germany in World War Two, our interstate highway system spans across the country east, west, north and south. It allows everyone to see every corner of our beautiful country if they choose.

Because Americans are one of the most prosperous people in history, travel to all of these great places is available to higher percentage of our population than any other country in the world.

And, with the safest environment for travel – few bandits, drug cartels, Muslim extremist or communist countries to rob, beat, behead or imprison you, there are no better choices around the world.

Just think of the Road Trips you can take –

  • Key West Florida
  • Gulf Shores Alabama
  • The Alamo in San Antonio Texas
  • Santa Fe New Mexico
  • The Grand Canyon in Arizona
  • Las Vegas in Nevada
  • Lake Tahoe in Nevada / California
  • Muir Woods to see the only stand of American redwood trees
  • The Pacific coast highway from San Francisco north through California, through Oregon to Seattle.
  • Ski in Jackson Hole Wyoming
  • Check out the Great Salt Lake or Bryce Canyon in Utah
  • Stop in Colorado and ski, trek, or just enjoy the Rocky Mountains
  • Head north to South Dakota and the Black Hills
  • Or the Badlands of North Dakota.
  • See the 10,000 lakes of Minnesota (there are more than 15,000 no matter what the license plate says)
  • See why Wisconsin is called America’s Dairyland (more cows than people?)
  • Vista Chicago or Springfield Illinois – Abe Lincoln’s home town
  • Ohio has the Pro Football Hall Of Fame in Canton and the “roller coaster capital of the world at Cedar Point”.
  • Michigan has more shoreline than most states and countries in the world – and great beaches and sand dunes too.
  • Tennessee and Kentucky has mountains, music and beautiful and some great cities
  • Squeaking of cities, the east coast oozes American History – Boston MS, New York NY, Philadelphia PA, Washington DC, Richmond VA, Charleston SC , Saint Augustine FL and many, many more.

There are millions of locations and more fun than we can imagine. Our American Culture has produced so many wonderful things – our interstate highway system is just one – but a big one.

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