State Law Declares Second Amendment Not a Right

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Only criminals or terrorists will have guns in gun free zones

It is the height of irony the State of Illinois is attempting to remove guns from the hands of law abiding citizens. Especially since the city of Chicago is already, in practical terms, a gun free zone.

The Independent Sentinel has the story about the law. Click Here

Even so, in a highly restricted area such as Chicago, we continue to see headlines such as this – Chicago Shootings Reach 2,349 This Year — Someone Shot Every 2.8 Hours

At the very least the effort is curious. The areas where the carnage is taking place has a very high percentage of young African-American men killing and being killed. It might be good is some of the community leaders stopped playing politics and peddlig the politics of hate and blame, and began helping these same young people focus on activities that will give them hope for a better future. ARTICLE – What Young Black Men In America Should Be Angry About

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