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Setting records, Food Stamp Usage at record levels along with disability, claims and people no longer in the American workforce.

Food Stamp Users Near Record High Despite Low Unemployment Rate

“Despite the unemployment rate being at an eight-year low (4.9 percent as of January 2016), the number of people on food stamps remains near an all-time high which was 47,636,000 in 2013,” writes Nick Kangadis of MRCTV.

Thanks for bringing that to our attention Nick. It is a sad reflection on the state of our economy and even more so on the state our American Culture. By that we mean, look at the jump in the average users of food stamps the year after President Obama is first elected. Coupled with the Affordable Care Act, there is a real chance he will win the title of the Dependency President.

A few more Food Stamp Program facts from Nick’s article are below –

  • The unemployment rate no longer includes people who have dropped out of the work force (given up finding a job) or are not in the work force.
  • 94 million are not in the workforce.
  • SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) has been around 46 million participants since 2011.
  • The last time the unemployment rate was at five percent in April 2008, only 28 million Americans were on food stamps, according to Bloomberg Business
  • 85% of elligble food stamp recipients participated in 2013 – the most recent data
  • Only 70% participated in 2008
  • That alone accounts for 8.6 million participants – half of the increase of the program

“Clearly there’s a group of people who are not in the labor force, and 10 years ago they would have been. Now they’re relying on food stamps,” says Robert Rector, Heritage Foundation Research Fellow.

Nick is spot on when he writes – “When we have a government full of enablers telling people that they don’t have to work to provide for themselves and their families, they create an atmosphere of dependence and reliance.”

Powerful and important words as they relate to our self-reliant American Culture. Thank you Nick.












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